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If you live in the Valentine or Roanoke neighborhoods of Kansas City -- it's time to register your porch to host music! 



  • Allow musicians access to your porch (only) during their setup, performance, and teardown times.

  • Provide electricity via a heavy-duty extension cord and power strip.

  • Ensure your porch has available space for a band, and is free of clutter that could create a hazard.

  • Help welcome the band upon arrival; be a lovely host to festival attendees.

  • Allow people in your front (only) yard. 



  • Bands will be assigned to your porch. Don't book your own music. (If a friend's band is registering and you want them on your porch, please include their name in the Notes area of your registration. Ask that they request you when they register.)

  • Don't allow anyone access to your home. Even bands. Even for the restroom. Porta-potties are available.

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