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Applications now being accepted for PorchFestKC #6 

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All performances are 60-minute sets. We will accommodate as many requests as available porch space allows. 

There will likely be more bands interested in participating than we have room to accommodate. We apologize. There will be a set number of open spaces available.

Please do not play longer than your assigned ending time, even if you start late! 


Performances are acoustic or near-acoustic. Think dozens of Tiny Desk Concerts. The goal is to be heard to the sidewalk, not down the street. Other bands are nearby, so please be respectful.

Electricity will be provided by the porch host(s) for your use. NO OTHER EQUIPMENT WILL BE PROVIDED. Please bring your own everything, and creatively transport it from wherever you park.

PARKING WILL BE DIFFICULT. Arrive early and be prepared to walk (plan equipment accordingly). You will NOT be able to park in front of your porch. Be prepared.

Compensation is via tips. A significant, visible tip tub will be present at each porch, and (if provided) your Venmo on the festival map. Remember to claim your tips. Forgetting is forfeiting. Once the next band begins to perform, all tips left in the jar are theirs! Don't forget to check your tip jar.


Bands are welcome to sell CDs/swag during your performance. You'll need to organize staffing and setup for that. 

Any special requests should be included with the application. We will do our best to accommodate. Late requests may need to be denied. Please understand that one small change for you means numerous other things likely must change, effecting others.

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